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Why I Gave Up My 401k To Travel the World

Since I was a teenager, I knew I would be the most unemployable employee ever. I was/am stubborn, impulsive, and a ball of risks waiting to explode. You see, it’s not the concept of a 9-5 that scares me. Heck, I’ll work a 9-9 if it meant I could live my life on my own terms. It’s the idea that

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Why This Mom Quit Her Job To Travel The World With Her 6-Year-Old Daughter

“My girlfriend passed away from cancer,” Evie told Daily Mail Australia. “She was the most wonderful, gorgeous woman and she had two children. It was a big reminder to grab life and do everything while you can.” The 43-year-old public relations consultant from Sydney set off with her daughter

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Food is the reason YOU should travel | Mark Wiens (มาร์ค วีนส์)

► I’m learning about delicious food, and I want to share it with you: I’m Mark Wiens (มาร์ค วีนส์), a full time travel blogger, food guide author, and video producer, but most of all, I just love to eat eat and learn about a country’s food and culture. Also sure you click

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