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Clip-Air: How pod planes could change travel forever

(CNN)Hypersonics, electric propulsion, triple deckers — think you’ve seen everything when it comes to new aircraft concepts? Well just hold on a second, here comes the pod plane. It’s yet another revolutionary aircraft design, this one created by Switzerland’s Federal Polytechnic Institute,

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Race, politics, travel plans: things Facebook’s algorithm can’t get right

Theres a whole class of information that Facebook thinks it knows about me and is willing to sell the problem is their data isnt entirely accurate Facebook knows everything about you. At least thats what we, and the advertisers it sells us to, are constantly told. But a peek behind its

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Alien Craft Propulsion Systems, Levitation, Teleportation & Lightspeed Travel Prt 1

Using real science, this episode takes a look into the possible theories of how alien craft could operate — from the propulsion systems, to levitation, to teleportation, and faster-than-light travel. Its secretive nature and undoubted connection to classified aircraft research, together with

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