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Blots and all: Gustave Flaubert’s travel diary among rare books at historic sale

Handwritten book full of crossings-out and comments reveals Madame Bovary authors literary struggles The handwritten manuscript is page after page of scratched out notes, smudges, comments and ink blots that reveal just how arduous the French novelist Gustave Flaubert found the writing process.

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2016 was the year time travel went mainstream

The cast of Netflix’s new hit ‘Travelers’ — just a few of a temporal traffic jam of time hopping adventurers this year.Image: netflix Consider this more than a coincidence: a year that clearly overstayed its welcome, 2016, was also a year in which time travel could be found everywhere in

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How Not To Write Your First Novel

A cautionary tale from Lev Grossman, author of The Magician’s Land, the stunning conclusion to The Magicians Trilogy. View this image ” Justine Zwiebel / BuzzFeed The nearest I’ve ever come to losing my mind was in the fall of 1991 in a small town in Maine called Ellsworth. I was 22,

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