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Backpackers travel video – Costa Rica HD

This video presents the Costa Rica the sight of backpackers, here’s all the places we have been during our 3 weeks trip: – San-Jose – Arenal ( ) 18$/guest – Playa Grande ( ) 18$/guest – Tamarindo – Montezuma ( ) 20$/guest – Manuel Antonio ( ) 30$/guest – Uvita ( ) 12$/guest – Piedras Blancas –

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Couple Devastated After Booking Flights From The Wrong Birmingham

I don’t know about you but I find going on holiday ridiculously stressful. First you have to sort the dates with your mates and work, then you have to book the tickets, try to find your passport so you can do the online check-in thing, make sure you pack everything you need, sort out your

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Naked CUBA (Travel Adventure) – Pt 2 – S03E10

In this episode we go Skinny Dipping in Tropical Cuba…and then get busted by the Military. Get ready for an adventure! #CUBA: What a country, what a culture, what an adventure!!! Cuba was one of our best adventures so far, so it’s hardly surprising that this video lands straight on our

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