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Readers’ travel photography competition: June in pictures

Dream-like landscapes and solitary moments dominate this selection of images that again highlights the diversity and adventure of travel Read more:

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Website Gets ‘Attractive Women’ Luxury Travel Paid For By Lonely Men

Are you extremely hot and depleted of all dignity? Cool, then you qualify to join the website Miss Travel. Its basically a dating app on crack one where lonely men pay for good-looking women to go on vacation at their expense. I mean, thats not how the website is billed. It sells itself as a

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The million-dollar blogger and his life of total travel

(CNN)There can’t be many full-time bloggers in the world who employ wealth managers. Johnny Ward, a 32-year-old Irishman intent on ‘living life with passion,’ is one. He’s one of a handful of travel bloggers in the world earning six-figure incomes each year through their blogging.

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