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25 Strange Travel Tips From The Chinese Government

Recently the China National Tourism Administration released a 64 page illustrated manual titled ‘Guidelines For Civilized Travel Abroad’. This is the latest attempt by the Chinese government to salvage the terrible reputation their people have acquired as tourists in foreign lands. These are 25

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47 sorprendentes fotografías de personas de todo el mundo

La prueba viviente de que la belleza viene en todos los colores y formas. 48. View this image ‘ Eric Lafforgue / Via 47. View this image ‘ Navesh Chitrakar / Reuters 46. View this image ‘ Eric Lafforgue / Via 45. View this image ‘ Navesh

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How Not To Write Your First Novel

A cautionary tale from Lev Grossman, author of The Magician’s Land, the stunning conclusion to The Magicians Trilogy. View this image ” Justine Zwiebel / BuzzFeed The nearest I’ve ever come to losing my mind was in the fall of 1991 in a small town in Maine called Ellsworth. I was 22,

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