EPIC EXTRA-LONG! Geometry Dash (Demon) – Lonely Travel by FunnyGame | GuitarHeroStyles

Mi muñeca no da para más y esto me ha costado cuatro horas y media, ojalá apoyéis el vídeo, me ha llevado mucho… … ACCELERATION! … CHIPWORLD! … Camisetas con un 20% de descuento con el código “GUITAR1”! ➚ ID: 17924880 ➚ Demon Difficulty: 4/10 (Easy/Medium Demon + XL 6 MIN)

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Is business travel ruining your family life?

(CNN)First-class seats on transatlantic flights, city-hopping and jet-setting around the globe, enriching your life with new cultures and new experiences. It sounds glamorous, right? But business travel often comes at a cost to your family life. As a child whose father was often away on

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Why This Mom Quit Her Job To Travel The World With Her 6-Year-Old Daughter

“My girlfriend passed away from cancer,” Evie told Daily Mail Australia. “She was the most wonderful, gorgeous woman and she had two children. It was a big reminder to grab life and do everything while you can.” The 43-year-old public relations consultant from Sydney set off with her daughter

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